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By community builder (anonymous) | Posted December 27, 2009 at 18:19:23

Thank you Lorne for coming to Hamilton and sticking with it - for writing through this venue. You are part of the 'creative class' of Hamilton that will help develop Hamilton's potential. We need more forward thinking people from outside Hamilton to move here. Grassroots,you are obviously never going to give up your stance based on the rhetoric of the social justice set. I did not come from privilege or an easy life. I was a high school drop out and later managed to complete my education and move onto university (mature student entrance)- it is a lot of work but leads to success and fulfillment. Canada has so much support for people who want help - it is there - you can walk into any government agency or Board of Ed, community college or university and find out what is available. Recently Mohawk College offered free programmes to offer unemployed people a way to develop new skills geared to the job market. Unfortunately, even thought the program was free and subsidized by tax payers money less than 40% of the spots were filled. Mentors and educators are needed to help people who have given up on themselves. A hand up not a hand out is the solution.

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