Comment 36624

By Angela Browne (anonymous) | Posted December 28, 2009 at 22:58:17

Maybe A Smith could go to his or her doctor and have his doctor write to the Ministry of Transportation to get his license yanked due to some medical problem he or she might have at some point in the future ... and then suddenly be without any transportation and have to spend $70 for a single trip back and forth to work by cab ... and when A Smith finds that unsustainable, he or she tries to find another job, only to be told he or she MUST have a driver's license and a car BEFORE they are even considered for a job ... then see what happens to A Smith when he or she cannot afford to pay his or her rent, or whatever because he or she will have to turn to Ontario Works. Non-drivers are discriminated against, period. Because many employers hold the same elitist, pig-headed attitudes that you do, A Smith.

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