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By woody10 (registered) | Posted December 31, 2009 at 19:40:45

Hmmm, lets see. Was it the family I lived across from who lived with their brother (also sucking) waited for the monthly check, called the cab, got the beer and shoved the little ones out the door to fend for themselves or the other bunch down the street who sat on the porch and gave me the thumbs up everytime I walked by and said "enjoying another day of not working?" not to mention a few choice words with their thumbs up sign. And if you believe these people are all ficticious, you need to get out and look around a bit more. I even know a guy who rents strictly to welfare people (he has several rental properties) because he says they will never try to work and if they miss their rent all he has to do is call the welfare office and they slide him the money!! I'm only one person with many first hand experiences. It's not possible i'm the only one with such experiences.

Also, I did say that there are truly needy people who deserve the use of the system. I just want them to have full benefit.

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