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By Really? (registered) | Posted January 21, 2010 at 12:21:54

Robert D said: "First, I think more fast food is the last thing we need there."

I'm not the biggest fan myself, but I'm talking to friends, co-workers, fam members who avoid Downtown. They give a lot reasons, most I can argue out of (ie: 'no parking/free parking')

I'm thinking in terms of trying to attract Young, Urban, Professionals who maybe don't have enough time (or think they don't, anyway) after work to prepare/cook a meal every day. Many don't have time, or want to, eat alone in a nice sit down restaurant (ie: Mex-I-Can).

Most people my age love --LOVE-- the convenience of Fast Food. So much so, that they'll currently drive to their suburban big boxes from their homes (with kitchens) just for a quick, convenient bite to eat. So what's wrong with attracting those types of eateries if they're going to be a 'PRO' on a YUPpies's list of Pros & Cons when thinking of buying/renting in Downtown Hamilton!?

We can't just concentrate on high-end cafes, bistros & boutiques to bring Downtown back; we need DIVERSITY in business (chain along with indies, etc). People don't always have money or energy for high-end everything; So lets give every generation/genre/demographic a peice of the (Downtown Hamilton) pie!

Fast Food Chains currently missing Downtown (that you would find in Storefronts Downtown Toronto, where ppl do live): Harveys, Wendys, KFC, Burger King, Popeys, New York Fries... I'm not suggesting all be put into Gore Park, turning it into the Gore Park Food Court, but maybe 1 or 2. JS Food Court is great, but is done by 6pm. In GP, they could stay open as long as they wanted!

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