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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted January 21, 2010 at 17:27:01

... "I find it quite telling how it is always " ... somebody should open ... or somebody should build ..." It is so easy to spend other peoples money, either tax dollars or private capitol. If you really believe the core needs a cafe why not open one of your own? I really believe in voting with my wallet." ...

There is nothing wrong with saying 'someone should this or that' with the correct attitude. You are voicing support for an idea. That 'someone' may not be you. But that 'someone' may hear that feedback and decide there is enough demand to proceed with the investment. Thus enough people saying 'someone should' is an indicator of latent demand and encourages a potential entrepreneur to proceed.

The ice rink idea was one example. I am currently in no position to buy a tract of land and build a public square with a rink/park/whatever. However I would love to have such a place to go, thus would be a patron. Same goes for opening a restaurant/bar/cafe with a NICE patio in a NICE Gore Park. I myself am probably not the best person to open such a place since hospitality industry and business management are not my profession at this time. But if there was a nice patio in a pedestrianized Gore Park where I could eat/coffee on my way home from work, without bus exhaust blowing in my face, I would value such an establishment tremendously. It would be right on my bike route home and I have missed such a place for a while. And I don't mean fast food - I'd ride right by a fast food joint.

So I am an example of someone saying 'someone should' as an indicator of latent demand, not as a whiner :)

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