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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 02, 2010 at 14:57:12

Yes, this was the gentleman who appeared on CHCH a couple of months ago. He made the same arguments against LRT, using the same hyperbole and misinformation.

At that time he ended by suggesting that Hamilton consider a "monorail" on Main St since this wouldn't disrupt traffic or business, even though he simultaneously recognizes that Detroit's "monorail" is a failure. He also doesn't say how it would be supported without losing traffic lanes ... would it be a flying monorail?

His tactic seems to be to throw out as many half-baked ideas, and false and misleading information as he can, in the hopes that something will stick (or at least create the impression that the whole thing is dangerous and risky).

He also keeps coming up with the idea that all business is driven by impulse and convenience and that the only way to maximize impulse and convenience is by removing any possible barrier to customers arriving by car. I suspect this "impulse and convenience" mantra was part of the package he received as a Little Caesar's franchisee.

As Really? points out he doesn't seem to have looked at who his customers actually are, or imagined how the business environment might grow that customer base (rather than reduce it). How does he imagine all the similar businesses in the downtowns of any other city operate?

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