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By turner (registered) | Posted February 03, 2010 at 10:55:18

True many drivers only look away from the direction they are turning when turning onto a one way street. But many do it on two way streets as well. They're just waiting for that break in traffic so they can quickly get on their way.

It's not only with drivers turning from a street to a street that this is a problem. It happens with cars pulling out of parking lots and driveways. If I'm approaching a car trying to turn on onto a street into the direction I'm coming from, more often than not the driver is only lookingthe opposite direction for a break in traffic so they can turn. Additionay those cars are often blocking the sidewalk or crosswalk and I can't pass anyway, so I sometimes I will give a little knock on the hood to let them I know I'm passing. Either that or begrudgingly wait and stare at them or walk behind, though that doesn't feel safe either.

seancb - wouldn't it have been nice if the Spec had done their job and reported on the stats of those 28 predestrian incidents last year or questioned the Police on the HTA and bylaws they claim prohibit jaywalking?

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