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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 03, 2010 at 18:14:51

"In defense of our decision makers"

Why? They're holding us back :)

"ideology and rhetoric so much as fear and inertia"

Seems characteristics of both are present. Not sure which is worse/primary but all of those factors are holding us back.

"I am blessed (and at times cursed) to do a lot of international travel for my job and even when I go to other "world-class" cities"

Likewise. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to come back to Ontario and get assaulted (by dangerous driving and verbal/horn abuse) for lawfully riding a bike to work? Especially when you see solutions deliberately shelved (or given half-century timelines lol)? The other really frustrating thing is that almost everyone assumes you lost your license or got a DUI or something. It never occurs to anyone that you'd go car-less by choice to give yourself a $8K raise and flee the automotive industry while it does its oil shocks and other turmoils. What a weird place we're in. Although I guess every region has its issues ... some areas deal with war, some have famine/drought, we have unmitigated selfishness. Can't have everything I guess :)

"For example, in this debate you cannot neglect transit, pedestrians or cars. ALL need to be considered and accommodated."

Oh, you mean Holland. (wipes tear) They did a good job of balancing all modes.

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