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By MarkWhittle (registered) - website | Posted February 08, 2010 at 09:11:03

As a taxpayer living on the Mountain I applaud the efforts of the participants in the By-law Crawl, too funny Bratina had the time to write that lengthy screed and self-promoting election rhetoric over at the Hamiltonian Blog.

|Bob Bratina shouldn't be the only Downtown Alderman looking over his shoulder at the crowd closing in, what about aldermen Brian McHattie and Bernie Morelli, they are the "three stooges" of downtown renewal?

The rot and decay is self evident.

My wife takes the bus all the time to go downtown and shop, despite two Malls within walking distance of my house and a nice Van in the driveway ready to take her wherever she wants to go.

According to her assessement, there are too many pan-handlers, she got asked by five different people walking from the Gore Park bus stop to the entrance of Jackson square, the steps were packed with loafers and smokers.

If ever Hamiltonians needed a reason to get to the ballot box this fall, this issue is it. Throw the bums out, it's happened before, but never lately. It's time to clean house, baby's and bath water included.

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