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By d.knox (registered) | Posted February 08, 2010 at 19:50:59

Thank you to everyone who went on the By-law crawl for downtown. I live in Westdale and we have found the reporting procedure to be quite effective. It would be nice if by-law really was proactive, but even when it thinks it is, it isn't. Report, report, report. Eventually something does happen.

MarkWhittle: Just one point about Brian McHattie - he works tirelessly. I have no experience with Mr. Bratina, but I do know that these councillors are performing a delicate balancing act, and so often sacrifice their personal lives for the job. I don't envy them. They listen to inane points from all sides, try to be respectful and balance priorities and ideologies. Maybe finding a better way to work with them might be more effective. Mr. Bratina seems to get slagged here. I'm not sure if that is warranted, but I am sure that it's not effective.

My ignorance of Ward 2 is that I don't know what community voices exist. But you may want to look at the AWWCA model. It's been an effective vehicle for mobilizing engaged, politically and socially active/opinionated people to express their ideas in a politically effective way. I don't think politicians set out to be ineffective; I think the job is overwhelming, and they could use our help, presented as a unified voice of a large group with a specific agenda.

Again, kudos to Matt for pulling this by-law crawl off.

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