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By MattJelly (registered) - website | Posted February 11, 2010 at 15:05:32

Once we do the very careful work of determining ownership, getting consent of the owner, and getting proper approvals through the city, this is what I'd like to see By-Law Crawl morph into. Let's work together as a community to fill in all the gaps and cracks and make sure nobody gets left behind. I have a feeling that By-Law Crawls themselves may not be necessary as a long-term measure to tackle this problem- the ball is in the city's court now, and it's up to them to implement policies and procedures that take away the necessity for citizens to do this job themselves.

I have a presentation to Economic Development and Planning to specifically raise these concerns and advance suggestions as to how the city can more effectively enforce property standards. This meeting is on Tuesday at 1 PM in the Albion room at Hamilton Convention Centre. I will also be available after the meeting to answer any questions, clarify anything I can, and address any valid concerns members of the public may have about the group.

People are more important than buildings- but it's a symbiotic relationship. The buildings we inhabit have a direct relation to the lives we lead. Let's help turn back the decay as a result of years of turning a blind eye- when it comes to the people, buildings and the neighbourhoods that make up this community. It's time to stop merely bemoaning it all and it's time to roll up our sleeves, and play an active role in solving the problem- through mutual respect and cooperation.

It won't be easy and success isn't guaranteed. But the very best we can do is try- and the very worst we can do is to continue to complain about these problems without following up with some sort of responsible action.

Trust me- the minute I see this event start to have a net negative impact, I'll shut it down. But as long as I feel in my heart that we're doing the right thing, we'll continue until the problem is addressed, as well as any other problems we uncover in doing so.

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