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By TreyS (registered) | Posted February 11, 2010 at 20:54:07

HMP footprint was used as a parking lot for 14 months though. How often can a by-law fine be charged? In other words, if I left my car at a parking meter that ran out, and got a ticket, how long would it be before I got another fine?

What? daily? Weekly? So ask if the HMP parking lot was operating as an illegal parking lot and a fine was issued, how long before the City could issue another fine? Just like the hypothetical expired meter? Weekly, Daily? Enforcing a $500 fine issued at the same rate versus an illegal $30 parking fine seems to me to be a better way for the City to increase revenue. That $30 parking fine that takes $35 in administration to costs to collect. Fining the big property violators is a ten times greater revenue. Maybe our property taxes would decrease or we would stop having to beg QP for money every year if we enforced the other by-laws that were enacted for a reason.

But if you're afraid of issuing the fine against someone then I guess that's another issue. They can always write $5000 cheques payable to people on City Staff..... ooops that trial has just begun I'll reserve me comments until after.

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