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By jason (registered) | Posted February 19, 2010 at 21:51:07

Grassroots, I share your concern regarding the working poor and certainly didn't mean for my comment to slight anyone. However, is gentrification really a problem in Hamilton?? We could walk for 1-2 hours from Dundurn to lower Stoney Creek and see neighbourhood after neighbourhood that is largely working poor with some of the cheapest rents and home prices in the urbanized province. I don't foresee gentrification being a problem anytime in our lifetimes. I know some people yell and scream when they hear plans for one condo building on James North, but the fact remains: flophouses and really cheap homes FAR outnumber any other type of residence for a massive portion of our city.
If anything, I think we need to look for ways to a) help the working poor find jobs and get to their jobs and b) stop allowing Toronto and the GTA to dump more poor people on our laps. It's simply not right to dump that burden on Hamilton.

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