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By Concerned (anonymous) | Posted February 20, 2010 at 19:48:22

If the citizens in Burlington want their voice heard and believe that the majority should decide what goes on in this city I suggest we make politicians obsolete when it comes to making any major decisions or expenditures. With the advent of the internet I am quite capable of voting on these issues in the comfort of my own home very easily I no longer need a politician to vote on my behalf. They frequently seem to be voting for whats in their best interests, not that of the citizens of Burlington. If the citizens had voted on the numerous questionable decisions council have made in the past I believe the results would have been quite different. Some examples are as follows. Voting against WalMart on Fairview council cost the taxpayers of this city millions in legal fees and lost tax revenues not to mention the jobs in the store and in the construction of the store, had WalMart not won. The Pier to nowhere and the $30,000,000 plus Performing arts building don't appear to have been a big hit either. The nation leading collapse of the new home sales in this city can be traced directly to policies passed by this council. This City has now the most onerous, time wasting and most costly approval process in the country. We can do better.....

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