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By d.knox (registered) | Posted February 21, 2010 at 21:48:23

I started a long comment on another post and then abandoned it before posting, but essentially I was saying this exact thing. Just make the streets two-way now.

I speak as a person who strongly supported the idea of getting through the downtown as quickly as possible; driving east to west I made sure that my car doors were locked when I hit Victoria. I stayed tense until I hit the safety of Queen again. I despised the city I lived in. But the James Street conversion was eye-opening. I've seen the light; I was wrong, and now I want to proselytize.

Getting through the city as quickly as possible has to stop. I've walked downtown many times and only once felt the same dread I do when I'm driving. Driving depersonalizes. Driving quickly dehumanizes.

Hamilton has problems which won't be solved by converting the streets. But converting the streets, slowing the traffic, getting people out of their quick car commute to either a slow car commute or into buses/bikes/walking will bring people back to viewing this city as the place they live. It's a nice city.

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