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By michaelcumming (registered) - website | Posted February 22, 2010 at 13:55:00

Turning Main & King back to two-way seems like a no-brainer. Being a good expressway with lovingly synchronized lights is obviously incompatible with the comfort and safety for anyone not in a vehicle travelling at a steady 60kph.

Calm the traffic and property values rise like magic; businesses get more pedestrian traffic; parents become less stressed that their kids will be squashed under the wheels of a truck.

If there was a user-pays principle to driving east on Main, then each driver would have to pay a $5 toll each time they inflict their vehicle on Hamilton. Congestion charges -- providing disincentives for people who mess up the quality of life of others -- are coming to a downtown near you! Let's pool those externalities and with the money build things that are of benefit to the city at large.

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