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By Really? (registered) | Posted February 23, 2010 at 10:58:56

Council & Staff clearly don't care or want to change anything; Change is scary and difficult.

It's very clear Council & Staff all know Sprawl actually costs a City money. The problem in Hamilton, which is becoming more-and-more obvious, is that our Politicians are afraid to lose their jobs so they stick to the Public Interest Groups in which they feel will get them the most votes.

Merulla today, for example, retracting his plea to sue the Province (you know, the hand that feeds?) over Municipal Downloading. Why? Is it because he feels he made a mistake? (ya right) No, it was because of pressure from those with enough insight to say "Dude... what are you thinking? Remember those Provincial hand-outs every budget?!?!"

The problem (especially this year) is trying to convince Council to sway their opinions for the better of the City, rather for fear of being out of a job! It's too bad that 2010 is full of real, serious issues that NEED to be addressed: LRT, Two-Way Streets, Area Rating... just to name a few important ones.

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