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By Really? (registered) | Posted February 23, 2010 at 12:30:02

Great read, thanks! And ya, I totally agree with Capitalist (as I'm sure we all do).

I was dissapointed in some things, specifically when trying to come up with other Monthly BIA Events (such as the James North Art Crawl).

They're conclusion: Have Art Crawls within other BIAs as well!


The point of that 'activity' was to pinpoint specific BIAs' strengths/uniqueness by throwing an event relevant to that particular BIA. You can't take one successful event and apply it to every other BIA across the City!!! Then the James North Art Crawl loses it's appeal/attraction, while the other 'Art Crawls' may be watered down and/or really small.

Why not get Westdale to start a 'Bean Fest' for their Bistros & Cafes (what happened to Westitalia?) Gore Park have Corporate Olympics once a month during warmer weather? Get the white collars involved since their downtown presence is weak (besides the smoke breaks). Winning organization gets a free lunch/dinner at any Downtown BIA restaurants! King West Sidewalk Sales for the couple clothing boutiques. Locke South Bake-Off (yuppies love to bake!)

And why doesn't Corktown have a BIA? Can't you just imagine closing Augusta St for St Patty's Day!?!? AMAZING! All the pubs are packed to the brim anyway, might as well move the party outside! Who's going to complain? The empty lots!? haha

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