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By geoff's two cents (registered) | Posted February 23, 2010 at 22:32:09

Funny, I thought the whole point of down-voting was to help eliminate trolling, not merely to vote out opinions that don't match one's own. As I understand it, we can express disagreement by registering our contrary opinions on the forum itself.

While I am generally in favor of two-way streets, in fact, I can see A Smith's earlier point ( For example, while Vancouver's most vibrant streets tend to be two-way, there are very functional, pedestrian-friendly one-way streets as well (Howe and Seymour, say). In my view Hamilton's major problem is not necessarily one-way streets per se but rather that they're accompanied by narrow sidewalks, little or no beautification of the pedestrian experience (i.e. street furniture), high speed limits, no speed-limit enforcement, wide roadways and timed lights.

As I see it, the best and most logical inducement for Hamilton to make the enormous investment to switch Main and King to two-way is to help facilitate LRT (or BRT, as the case may be). The other disadvantages to one-way streets can be mitigated in other, less expensive, ways.

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