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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2010 at 13:32:00

Interesting comment by geoff's two cents, one which I agree with.
Like Vancouver, we have plenty of friendly one-way streets. I am thinking the Durand/Locke St area. I would suggest a return to two way streets in these neighbourhoods would be to the detriment of the local residents. You would probably lose street parking on some of the tighter streets, resulting in increased driving speeds and less of a buffer.
I know we are not converting streets in that area, but it shows one-way streets can work. (Yes, While Main/King are a little different to the Durand area). As Geoffs two cent said "In my view Hamilton's major problem is not necessarily one-way streets per se but rather that they're accompanied by narrow sidewalks, little or no beautification of the pedestrian experience (i.e. street furniture), high speed limits, no speed-limit enforcement, wide roadways and timed lights.
There are plenty of simple solutions out there if we want to create safer and friendlier streets, many of which have been discussed on this website.

One of Hamilton's problems - always wanting and then waiting for a BIG event to transform the city. Because of this we tend to lose focus on the small changes that really matter.

NHL - years of wanting that city transforming NHL team. This becomes a major distraction resulting in lower levels of support for the Bulldogs (both public and corporate). In other cities smaller than ours, the local AHL teams are an economic driver. Not here.
Do not forget all of the delinquent property owners who are mentioned on this site. They too are letting their properties crumble while waiting for the big pay-off should we land an NHL team. 10 years of waiting for the NHL is pretty much 10 lost years of potential progress. Copps was built for an NHL team. At what cost?

Now the LRT. Is it reasonable to suggest the LRT, if it comes to Hamilton, is most likely more than a few years away. Why will the council spend money (and maybe lose votes!) improving the Main/King corridor when major changes and spending might be down the track. Again, property owners with boarded up store fronts are not likely to sell there properties any time soon or even make any improvements, while waiting for a potential bonanza. Meanwhile my property/neighbourhood becomes a little less friendly every year while we wait.

Wait for what?

Just my rant for today.

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