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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2010 at 16:50:13


You make some very valid points re: the matter of narrow sidewalks on main thoroughfares in Hamilton -especially applicable to Main.

While the debate on one-way versus two-way may go an and on, I think that is one point on which all can agree. Whether a street is one-way or not, a very busy street with very narrow sidewalks, is not at all attractive and pedestrian-friendly.

As I say, if one-way does not impact significantly on LRT transit times, then I am OK with dual-flow streets. But the best way to enhance the aesthetics of streetscapes is surely to install wide sidewalks, preferably with lines of trees thereon. And an LRT along the middle, one or two, completes the picture. Of course, Main and King have been nothing like that for years.

But if businesses en route have genuine objections to two-way conversion, they should be listened to. As others have thoughtfully pointed out, one-way streets are not necessarily the problem per se. Barton is two-way - but that doesn't exactly make it a tourist attraction!

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