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By John Neary (registered) | Posted February 24, 2010 at 18:49:32

A Smith must be joking to say that Cannon is stealing retail from James North. Shoppers is moving to Cannon and Wellington because no one else wanted the old post office and all the land it sits on, so they could put in a big store with lots of parking for very little money. Buying up that much land on James North would cost far more. This isn't Cannon stealing from James North, this is high-end uses on James North pushing low-end retail out into less desirable real estate.

FenceSitter, the problem is not mainly with one-way streets per se. It's the high-speed, high-flow automobile traffic that is enabled by the network of one-way streets with synchronized lights. If I could choose between

  1. converting one lane of Cannon St. to eastbound, but keeping the lights synchronized for westbound traffic
  2. desynchronizing all of the lights, but keeping it one-way westbound

I can tell you that the latter would do far more to make the street pedestrian-friendly.

By contrast, the human-friendly one-way streets around town (Hess, Markland, Robinson, Herkimer, Charlton, +/- King William) all have four-way stops or unsynchronized lights that keep traffic speed and flow down.

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