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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted March 01, 2010 at 14:40:58

I don't have hope that this candidate can do better - that's why I posted the blog. Neither do I have much hope that the media can be responsible and refrain from giving precious column inches to a shallow debate.

I'm not a cynic - I'm a realist. Rossi offers no tangible argument to refute the benefits of bike lanes, yet he wants to delay their installation. He's an opportunistic win-at-all-costs campaigner. If he wants to start a meaningful debate about bike lanes then offer an alternative, or some serious counter-arguments at least, and let the debate begin. Instead he's merely set himself up as a 'car-friendly' candidate pandering to the artificial 'war' that the media is hyping.

Conflict sells papers, it also helps to define candidates. But taking an anti stance against something without offering any substance does not get us any further ahead in dealing with the issue.

When I see a meaningful debate taking shape in the municipal election I'll be happy to point it out. In the meantime let's recognize Rossi's media pandering for what it is.



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