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By jonathan dalton (registered) | Posted March 02, 2010 at 09:26:55

I will welcome with open arms any institution or developer that has the vision to invest in my community and build the buildings we need for the next 100 years of our proud history.

Just to add to Ryan's comments, all of those projects, as bad as they turned out, started with a plan. Our Civic Square project is the best example though. It began with a planning study, federal urban renewal funding secured, a contract for development, and key tenants identified. Even still, it was years after demolition before anything materialized. Plans changed, funding was difficult, tenants didn't come forward, developers turned out to be dishonest, and so on. So the lesson is, large scale redevelopments involve such enormous amounts of time, money and uncertainty that their outcome may be wildly different from what is imagined.

In contrast, the city of Brantford wants to proceed with absolutely no plan for redevelopment.

This is so much like Hamilton's 40 year old mistake it's unreal. We were exactly in the position of 'willing to accept with open arms any developer...' after the first developer for Civic Square screwed us. And then, being in such a position of vulnerability, guess what happened? We got screwed again - who'd have figured?

I hope you're ready to accept with open arms blocks of weedy fenced off lots for the next 100 proud years of your history.

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