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By Son of a factory worker (anonymous) | Posted March 15, 2010 at 12:47:27

"sprawling on the fringes of the city,
in geometric order,
an insulated border,
in between the bright lights and the far unlit unknown"

Perhaps City Council can move quickly to allow more Wal-marts to be built in Hamilton. There are few farms that haven't been developed yet. Instead of a focus on developing employment lands, Hamilton continues to build cookie-cutter subdivisions further and further away from what used to be the heart of the city and the one-dimensional stupid-centres to temporarily house the foreign-made disposable crap that we use once and send to the landfill.

My dad worked at the Westinghouse motor plant until it shut down in the 90s. That was the beginning of the end of Hamilton as an industrial centre. I would love to see the rebirth of industrial jobs in Hamilton, but it may be time that we all realize that the future of Burlington Street is a massive brownfield redevelopment unlike anything Canada has ever seen. Maybe it's time that we tear down the abandoned cancer factories that Henry and Joe mentioned above.

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