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By jason (registered) | Posted March 19, 2010 at 19:42:27

yep, James is the only N/S street worth doing this on. It'll take about 90 seconds to cycle from Cannon to Burlington St so I can't imagine too many folks will participate in this event (I wonder if Hamilton will be first city to screw up a cyclovia?). I know I won't. First of all, Cannon isn't a street for cycling, especially with kids.

We'll stick to our neighbourhood park on that day, or do the old bikes in the back of the car down to the waterfront routine. I hate doing it, but I refuse to sacrifice one of my kids just because the city won't spend a few hundred bucks on some paint along the side of one of our many undercapcity roads. And by the way, I'm sitting on my front porch as I type this catching glimpses of the harbour, skyway bridge and steel mills through the trees (hey, is that a PRIMUS sign down there!?). I'm very close to the harbour and yet there is no safe way to cycle there.

I applaud the Open Streets folks and hope they will be able to gather some public support in order to get the city to do the right thing in future years. Based on the success the Mustard Festival people have had in trying to close King down for over a decade during their event, I'm not optimistic.

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