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By canbyte (registered) | Posted March 23, 2010 at 13:51:17

John and Undustrious made assertions that to be honest, kind of blew me away - i thought i was cynical enough but evidently not! They are very serious charges and i would like some links to indicate that such really does go on (other than residential-racial block busting of the old days).

Meantime, i'd like to cling to my perhaps naive belief that rational self interest (vision) has more incentive value than shallow opportunism based on an impossible-to-predict gummerment bailout. I will acknowledge that such opportunism could be a very important FALLBACK for waiting owners but to stake ones millions on that alone seems unbelievable. Again, perhaps i'm too naive but i'd like to believe that tracing the root cause back to business conditions is more likely to bring wise policy than resorting to short term punitiveness. Can you point to where your suggestion was the successful option?

Having said that, and in consideration of moneybags sloshing around internationally, Brandon's suggestion at least moves in the direction of compromise. I'd suggest 5 or 10% increase per year might suffice and persuade even my soft-on-brownfield-developers mind that a firm but gentle nudge (or threat of) might have some merit without being draconian.


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