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By McCrushed (anonymous) | Posted March 23, 2010 at 15:50:13

What's even more frustrating about the Emerson and Leland crossing in particular is that they're quite dangerous in addition to being inconvenient.

At Emerson, the crosswalk on the east side is angled and the island in the middle (with its walls) actually obstructs drivers turning left coming out of McMaster from being able to see the pedestrians crossing. There isn't an advance for the drivers so they're always trying to rush the light and close calls are common. I've been bumped once and clipped by mirrors twice. None of the drivers even stopped.

On the West side, the drivers leaving McMaster get a "right turn advance" signal, but the pedestrians still have a white "please cross and now get crushed" sign up. Again, I've almost been hit a couple of times here as wonderful drivers gun their engines to use their precious advance, despite the fact I'm still in the crosswalk also with a walk light.

And then we get Leland, with the wonderful "please wait for a gap" sign. Waiting for a gap would be wonderful if drivers didn't take that corner at 80+ km/hr. Crossing there almost inevitably ends up with a mad dash across the "gap."

All this combined has convinced me that its vastly safer to jaywalk along this section of Main St. If you cross halfway between Leland and Emerson there's plenty of visibility and no crazy or view obstructed drivers to turn you into a McMaster Pancake.

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