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By jason (registered) | Posted March 25, 2010 at 10:25:16

the city over-regulates everything in order to keep cars speeding along. There's no reason why Dundurn shouldn't be 1 lane each way with street parking (where available) and bike lanes from Dundurn Castle to the escarpment. Pulling out of Fortino's onto Dundurn should be a normal, signalized intersection where drivers can go north or south on Dundurn. One turning lane for left turns onto both King and Main can be maintained. Pedestrians should be able to cross at every crosswalk and the stupid Nascar ramp from Main to Dundurn should be replaced with a normal corner curb.

It's very simple and straightforward, but in Hamilton our planners have always looked for ways to allow a car to floor it out of their parking spot at Fortinos and never have to let up on the gas all the way home. It's pure lunacy. Whoever designed that whole area along with the 5-lane screaming freeways on both sides should never be allowed to design anything again. I wouldn't want them putting together a kids toy, let alone a public street.

These streets NEED to be made two-way, LRT would help to remove a couple of lanes, wider sidewalks are a no brainer along with street trees and stop lights at reconfigured highway entry/exit ramps to the 403 in a similar manner as the exit/entry ramps along the Linc. Enough of the mega speedways and death traps.

Maybe it was fun to design a real life Frogger experience on paper, but it really sucks to navigate.

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