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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted March 25, 2010 at 22:45:40

I attended this discussion group and it was interesting. Yes, Ryan you were sort of on the outside compared to the other panelists.

I do think that community building is essential if we are to move forward but the community building must include all voices and currently, those who are low income are not usually heard or dismissed by others.

Given this report from the budget where the government is cutting off the special diet funding, which will leave those who are struggling with health issues to get nutricious food without anything.

It is sort of joke really when the government states that the welfare cheques are going up by $6.00 per month to $591.00, that this is really going to help those who are already starving.

Where is the community building when those who are middle class or higher are silent or who state that those who are on welfare because they may have lost their jobs and just cannot find anything should just be thankful for what they get.

What is most deceiving is that given the auditors report which claimed welfare fraud, that in many cases it is the system itself that creates the overpayments and the fact that the majority of the report was on the fraud perpetrated by the government itself on the issue of social housing which main stream media failed to pick up on.

Maybe it is those who are middle class and higher that need to pay attention more to how they are being ripped off by the system that puts the blame on those that struggle, when in reality it is not.

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