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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted March 26, 2010 at 11:24:13

In my own activist efforts over the years I have found there to be a lack of action oriented people. I found that, more often that not, whenever I made a suggestion to do something, it would be shot down. Too much discussion, too little action. In the end I had to scale back my involvement because activism became sort of like an episode of Sienfeld - just a lot of people yapping and nobody doing anything.

Personally I can't be bothered with ideological discussions and over-wrought analysis - save that for the pseudo-intellectuals. I didn't sign up for University I signed up for change. I'd much rather take a look at the evidence and do what works already.

I had once suggested, here on RTH, that we create a 'Take Action Hamilton' bureau. That is, where practical, we would identify useful action items that readers could take to address an issue under discussion. Often this would be nothing more perhaps that e-mailing a councilor, but at least we would be promoting doing something.

Matt Jelly's by-law crawl is a great example of doing something. It's succinct, it's goal oriented and it's manageable. And beyond anything else it is doing something! I hope we can see more of this kind of activism (see - even the word has 'active' as a component!) in the future.

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