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By Bridges (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 11:50:00

I think another thing to think about is groups supporting other issues. What I mean is not only do groups spend too much time discussing and agruing approaches to the same cause, their are a number of issues that are ignored or left to others even when sometimes those others do not in fact exist! as a previous writer said, there are too few action oriented people. This makes it even more important for poverty activists to support environmental initiatives and Environemtalists to support animal advocates and animal advocates to support human rights etc and this aid would travel both ways.

It does not mean that everyone needs to do everything but one can attend events, speak out, etc to help many causes and build ties between them aand not rely on folk in other types of activist communities or "official" organizations to look after things because often that is not happening or their are not enough spuuorters to make a significant difference.

I hope I explained this clearly enough, if not sorry.

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