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By Common Cause, or common cause (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 11:58:09

I'm not sure what Common Cause does beyond discussion [a question], and if it is only discussion, that's fine, *except* if you are only allowed to colour in the lines as they have drawn them, which is my reading of things.
I know some people in CC and think highly of them but I cannot comprehend the need to embrace ideology first and/or over action, which again, is my understanding of their contribution.
I always prefer when people from different backgrounds/ideologies come together to work on, yes, a common cause (Red Hill was a good example)
I am not sure about the reference to attacks on cycling advocates, but I would expect that if anyone wants to help people in poverty, bike lanes, affordable transit and safe places to walk to local destinations are tangible material benefits, part of a larger environment. That might be a good example of needing the ideological package intact and an overarching analysis that covers everything, before being able to proceed.
The shot at "performance art demonstrations" perhaps short-changes the idea that transformations are not always (perhaps rarely) made based solely on linear and rational argument, but that culture and performance contribute to change in important ways too often denied by some/most? people concerned with change.
Good contribution Ryan.

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