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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 13:47:03

Oh please, Ryan, don't fool yourself into thinking I've based my conclusions on that single interaction--I've been reading RTH's contributors long enough (without commenting) to know that single-mindedness towards key issues is remarkably common (along with an often shocking lack of empathy to the poor). Paraphrasing my position as you did is very disingenuous: I never promoted anything of the sort, I only promoted an open discussion of alternatives (my first post right here proves as much: in the face of knee-jerk criticism of a Spec columnist's opinion piece (who knew it would be so divisive?!)

This is exactly what I mean: You Philosopher Kings already have all the answers spelled out in your playbooks as dogma, and believe any contrarian sentiment to be some un-researched attack on its inherent logic. Why you're so frightened of an honest and open debate of issues that takes into consideration ideas and opinions from other corners of the city is beyond me, but it at least explains why so few of you have managed to perfect the "King" part of that equation: it's pretty well impossible to lead any significant group of people when you're this focused on what (or more accurately, WHO) is right and wrong.

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