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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 14:19:07

Borrelli writes: I've been reading RTH's contributors long enough (without commenting) to know that single-mindedness towards key issues is remarkably common (along with an often shocking lack of empathy to the poor).

Yes, there are people who blog here who have no empathy for those that struggle, it is a mindset of some people, I guess just like the person I was engaged in a conversation with the other night, a university graduate, who stated that those who are on welfare, should be thankful for what they get, meanwhile, those who are on welfare, do not get enough money to really survive, it is always about choices, do I pay my rent, do I buy food and become homeless, never mind the abuse that some welfare workers engage in, such as yelling, screaming and even belittling those they are serving, the clients. It is clear that some of those who are clearly middle class, need a stiff kick in the rear, because in this city currently there are not many jobs and the fact that there are not many places where one can job search and that people may have to walk ,long distances, depending where they live in the city, as welfare does not provide enough money even to pay for bus fare.

Ryan writes: An audience member commented that RTH doesn't do enough to understand poverty issues. I agreed with her and acknowledged that there are a lot of things we don't do or don't do well enough.

RTH is run by volunteers and the focus of this blog is not necessarily about poverty but about urban issues. But poverty is affecting things and we all need to work together to move things along.

How about creating a space where those who are low income can come together in unison, to organize themselves to work together to educate others about their hardships and how the system itself creates many barriers. These individuals could work making presentations to local buinesses, labour groups and so on. If those who are struggling are engaged in something positive that would empower them, is this not better for the community as a whole, oppose to seeing people who are disenfrahcised just hanging around.

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