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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 14:20:47

"It's not just about building bridges now, it's about understanding the metaphors and frames we work in. It's about understanding those assumed pieces as limits, and that they limit our ability to work / reach out to other folks who are unlike us, because politics is about working with people who are often unlike you."

Right on, thompsmr, you obviously know what you're talking about. If politics were about bullying those you disagree with, or denying the validity of their opinions (quick! vote this comment down before others see it!!!) because it contradicts yours, well then we'd have the same situation going on the USA right now (and I doubt many people would put that up as a shining example of a functioning democracy).

"Realize that one version of the well-researched, blogged and enlightened rational truth might not always be enough to bring out change in the city."

Or as some hilarious joker implied somewhere else, what works in changing opinion online, framed by overarching principles of instrumental rationality, does not necessarily translate into changing opinion off the internet. Or, closer to their words, being a Level 49 Armchair-Urbanist Mage whatever doesn't work the same way in real life--bridge building is more than just proving you're right.

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