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By jason allen (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 17:17:06

@Kiely - 'Biased?' - It is an opinion piece, isn't it?
As for 'speculative claptrap' - How about more of a history lesson? In early 2009 the Globe and Mail reported that the city govts of Flint, MI was openly discussing allowing people in far flung suburbs to 'swap' their homes for ones closer to downtown at the height of the recession? Why? Because with the reduced tax base they could no longer afford to supply garbage pick-up, sewer and water to streets with one family on them. So they were going to bulldoze them and return them to farmland. At that point gas was around $1.40 or so a litre. Now, Hamilton is a more resilient economy than Flint at $1.40 a litre - but at $3.00? Sure technological improvements will help, but the reality is that parts of the suburbs are probably going to empty out - if for no other reason than that agriculture is going to be a pretty attractive job option for many people, and commuting won't be an option - in much the same way it was in Cuba during their peak oil crisis.
Oh - and at the risk of feeding a notorious troll - $3.00 a litre gas? 2025. We have just enough time to take action - if we start now.

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