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By Kiely (registered) | Posted March 28, 2010 at 14:59:04

Very interesting highwater, I will have to take some time to read the studies.

Your point about the divvy bars is a good one as well. Read enough Charles Bukowski and the roll of the divvy bar for the rooming house residents is apparent. I also saw this first hand in San Francisco in the early '90s when they were beginning a period of gentrification. I think your point about keeping spaces accessible is an excellent one.

And no worries Ryan, I understand the frustration. I'm just not a big fan of the entrenched opinions. I believe solutions begin with established priorities, open minds and then follow proven best practices adapted for the situation at hand, (i.e., make sure it is apples to apples). I also believe understanding culture is crucial not necessarily for the success of an idea but certainly for the implementation of the idea. I work in an industry that has attempted many "programs" of one type or another in developing countries and I have seen the lack of understanding of culture be the downfall for many of them. To speak specifically on the bike lanes I believe our money would be better spent on initiatives to increase residential and commercial density downtown. Once we see that piece of the puzzle coming together the increase in people living and working downtown will better justify bike lanes. What would be good right now would be a dedicated bike path, similar to what KW has done with the Iron Horse Trail. This would be of more use to a wider range of people and have recreational value as well since families with children could ride safely. If implemented properly you could then run bike lanes from it in the future.

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