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By I'm a HAMILTONIAN (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2010 at 13:01:15

I am 27. The first 13 years of my life were spent in the North End: James and Strachen Streets. The rest Central Hamilton. I now spend only six months a year at home the rest in England...Oxford to be exact.I have a longing for the working class, not so perfect, loud,one way streets of Hamilton while I am away and, from the infistructure, policy, and general opinion of some people in many of the Engligh and Europian cities I work and live in Hamilton is not that dissimilar. Our city is consintrated yes our downtown core for the last 20 years has been a hang out for kids and "undesireables", yes One way streets have been the norm for over fifty years. Ryan please go to work, love your partner, spend time with your friends and generally have a wonderful life! But when you get home from work today please shut down this website it is founded on pretentious elietest lefty morrals that as "nice" as they may sound, WHO CARES ABOUT A CURBSIDE RAMP AT KING AND FURGASON!

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