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By jason (registered) | Posted March 30, 2010 at 14:14:04

I'm shocked that some of their cities have the decent transit systems that they do. Granted, many suburban areas have no transit at all, but some of the bigger cities are well served thanks to great plans and visionaries many decades ago.

Good luck bringing any meaningful, large-scale investment in transit now though. Their days of unabashed growth and statements showing off their might are long gone. The political system is so poisoned and so bogged down, they can't even do things like deal with gun crime, provide health care or switch to the Metric system without a civil war practically breaking out. The country is now too divided and too politically charged with media and 2 political parties that do little but spew rhetoric all over the place.

The odd transit line will get built and the odd LRT system will thrive and even grow upon completion, but any grandiose schemes of leading the world into the 21st Century of urban living is simply not going to happen.

The public better get used to 'wanting' a lot more things that they won't get.

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