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By Wayne (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2006 at 07:34:15

I have to laugh, we got green carts up here in Waterdown today. Being born in the early 60's I've already been part of the "green" movement for decades, but this diversion program is a laugh. We have 4 cubic yards of compost already going in our backyard (we are a "semi-rural" suburb where we live in the old part of Waterdown), and these green things are just an invitation to the multitudes of racoons. So not only am I now expected to fork out for paper bags for leaf waste (what a waste of energy and money - we use reusable containers when required), but now I am expected to buy some fancy waste scrap liner bag and, I guess, a set of bungee cords or some other way to keep out the racoons (who don't bother with the locking rubbermaid regular garbage cans).

Umm...but they don't even recycle foam plates or odd plastics (even though we sneak them in each week anyway).

Whose counting the extra labour and tax cost to pick-up and divert the compostable waste?

On top of that the City of Hamilton cut back then cancelled our Bulk Pick-Up days (when almost 80% or more of what was put out was diverted to scrap and antique dealers).

I can see the wooded parts off Mountain Brow Road filling with old sofas already (these likely come up from Burlington mostly).

It's just another example of the "City" of Hamilton mismanaging the affairs of the smaller amalgamated villages... Mike Harris' legacy continues to haunt us.

At least I'll get some more exercise taking out an extra green cart (that will likely have a tiny bag in it each week).

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