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By BooHoo (anonymous) | Posted March 31, 2010 at 08:47:13

Yep it's just another money racket!

Anyhoo...I have an old 1993 full size V8 van with 836,000 KMS and guess what? It passed everytime! How the hell could that be, you ask. Well here's my secret.
Make sure you have no vacuum leaks! Buy an vacuum gauge and test your engine(real EASY). Remove, clean and re-gap your sparkplugs or just replace them if really worn.

Take your distributor cap off (if you have one) and clean the white powder off the aluminium terminals inside, the rotor too, I use a dremel with a stainless steel brush. Check your sparkplug wires and replace if cracked. A good spark is needed to have good combustion.

Make sure your EGR valve is WORKING use a vacuum pump or just suck on the end of the vacuum hose and see if the valve stem moves up and down, if not then replace it.

Take the oxygen sensor out, clean it, then heat it up with a propane torch to make sure there is a voltage reading using a multimeter (I still have the ORIGINAL installed!!).

Check your MAPP sensor too, good electrical connection and no vacuum leaks.

The last secret is I make sure the catalytic converter is glowing red hot by running the engine fast in the parking lot until the guy comes to test it. Oh yeah if you have an oil burner, do an oil change using SYNTHETIC OIL. There are no hydrocarbons in synthetic! I also use a bottle of BARDAL Stop Smoke to thicken the oil and it boosts the oil pressure too.

High NOX means your caddy converter or more often your EGR is stuck!
High hydrocarbons means oil burner, so you need a synthetic oil change.

Don't let crook mechanics scam you into bullsh*t fuel injector cleaning and other useless crap just to get your $450!!

To get better millage I use 1 mL of acetone for every litre of gasoline and the engine runs damm nice and smoooooth with lots of pep! NO the acetone won't damage anything. All my gas lines are plastic and rubber and I've been putting in acetone for the last 5 years! I just use regular gas at either Petro or Canadian Tire.

Hope this helps someone out there to pass their vehicle.

I do all that every time I bring it in and the damm thing passes. Not bad for almost a million kms, eh? Good Luck!

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