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By Jarod (registered) | Posted April 14, 2010 at 18:14:38

I find it sad that Hamilton drops the ball so frequently in terms of advertising. We have a ton of space and have an abundance of creative artistic people capable of pulling off stunning effective advertising. Yet we're plagued with "Just Skyn" and "Sex Can Wait" ads on buses and poorly placed Buffalo ads (in bus shelters and billboards across town), not to mention the "You just proved advertising works" on bus benches...ugh.

We know advertising works.

Instead of conceiving this trash, why not simply replace the ads with a blank canvas and in small TNR font in the middle "Status Quo".

I'm sorry for sounding harsh, but the truth is, there are oodles (yeah I said oodles) of cities that have strong effective ad campaigns that we could even COPY and do well with.

When there were blank spaces on the TTC what did they throw up, some poetry or art. There's an idea. Remember Bill Strickland's talk just a while ago. "Make it beautiful and people will want to be there." - rough paraphrase. Why can't advertising be beautiful in Hamilton?

If I were an employer and I contracted someone to do an ad for me and got some of this stuff, I wouldn't a)post that ad and b)I would fire that person and find someone new.

I wish I knew the way/expenses for doing some of that art/poetry to fill the gaps kind of stuff. I think we would all benefit (even if just a little tiny bit) from know.

Rant Over. My Apologies.

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