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By JM (registered) | Posted April 16, 2010 at 13:22:38

i grew up by Highview Park on Brucedale (between gage and ottawa). Queensdale doesn't need bike lanes... there is not enough traffic to justify a "big project" like this. There is plenty of room for cars to safely pass cyclists, and the frequent stop signs should and often does prevent speeding. However widened sidewalks would be welcomed! Bike lanes belong on roads with higher traffic volumes, and provide direct routes to amenities... (such as Fennell) but remember, they do nothing if they suddenly appear and then disappear...........For the mountain, i think Stone Church Road is a great example....traffic moves freely and safely with plenty of room for cyclists. AND its continuous! (at least when the construction is complete). I think they should also be considered for Rymal road, as it connects directly to Turner Park and the YMCA. Same goes for WEST 5th... all you need is more N-S connections.... use the minor arterials such as Wellington, Sherman and Ottawa..... theres your network!


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