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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 16, 2010 at 14:29:47

You make some okay points airhead and mikeonthemountain.

But do you guys really believe this is nothing but a self-fulfilling requirement and people are forced into buying cars?

Yes it is true to some extent, our society and infrastructure does favour the car but people want to buy cars, enjoy buying cars and buy cars well beyond what they need... many people want cars. Many people simply want to buy stuff period.

Simply writing these people off as having "turned their brains off" or under the control of some form of "mind control" (while implying you are not) isn't going to help anything.

I tried to present the challenge that this movement faces (i.e., the current roll of the car in our economy and society) to spawn discussion of how we make this transition but instead people would rather argue the validity of that challenge, argue cars aren't an investment (semantics), deny cars and related industries generate wealth for businesses and governments, deny we need roads for more than just people's cars, thereby making the "cars don't cover road cost" argument somewhat moot, by claiming things such as emergency vehicles are still "all motor vehicles" (I guess firemen should take their bikes or transit to people's homes???) and post comments saying those who don't share their opinion are brain washed.

sigh Once again more rhetoric and opinions from the fringes and a complete lack of discussion about solutions.

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