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By alrathbone (registered) | Posted April 18, 2010 at 02:55:11

"There is no need to put bike lanes on busy streets when there are less used alternatives available. The only time that bike lanes should be put on busy streets is when no alternative is available."

That of course assumes there are alternatives on the Mountain. Of course we know that for the most part there are no continuous alternate routes over most of the mountain because of the way we designed our neighbourhoods. If you live between Fennell and Mohawk you can either cycle north to Queensdale or south to Limeridge. People would be outraged if we demanded cars do the same, yet bicyclists, for whom a detour of equal length incurs greater costs is expected to do so?

And what of North-South routes along the Mountain? For example I used to attend Westmount Secondary School and lived near Stone Church Road. Getting East-West was no problem (for the most part, although the not so great part is fixed now). Yet to safely get down to the school (near Mohawk), required riding through a small wood and a neighbourhood, walking the bike over a pedestrian bridge, cycling a bit more, and walking the bike down a hill between apartment buildings. For that reason I can only recall making the trip once. Unless traffic suddenly got a lot more calm along West 5th I doubt the trip would be much better.

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