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By woody10 (registered) | Posted April 18, 2010 at 18:25:59

Ok, well although $350 isn't that much (fire departments rate out at $350 PER hour) it will no doubt increase our already too high insurance costs. Not a problem you say, just don't get in an accident. But we all know even if you are the best driver somebody can hit you, and you know the insurance boys won't let you get away with it. And Bigguy1231, how do you charge user fees for things like your house being beside a house that is on fire?? They have to protect it so.... Or a car crashes into your house?? or.....????? And lets talk about medical calls. You fall down and bang your head, your neighbour calls 911 and all 3 show up, police/fire/ambulance, pretty costly. You refuse treatment but you will still be charged. Or what if you need an ambulance and you're wife/husband doesn't want to be charged, hmmm, not nice.

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