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By frank (registered) | Posted April 19, 2010 at 13:32:35

Ropbert D let me take a minute to shoot a gigantic hole in your assertion.... I would love to see bike lanes on Mohawk and Fennell... There with that out of the way, what I'm afraid will happen is that after putting bike lanes on a street where they will undoubtedly have little or no impact, those who don't want bike lanes on busy streets will say, "See? they don't work!"

If I'm not mistaken, in Hamilton when the AADT (annual average daily traffic <- this is how roadways get classified)of a roadway goes above 3000 on any roadway with a average operating speed of 30-50 and there's a high % of truck traffic or parking a bike lane should be installed. If the average operating speed is 50-70 and AADT is above 3000 a bike lane is installed regardless of truck traffic or parking lanes. If the speed limit is above 70 and the AADT is above 5000 you could install a multiuse path. I think our problem is our designers look at speed limit as opposed to average operating speed. Take Mohawk or Main Street as examples. By definition they should have a bike lane (and despite all the recent work on Mohawk there isn't one!!) because their operating speed is in the range of 63 kph (I can't find AADT data for the streets here but I assume that it'd be over 3,000). However if take their operating speed as 50 it's possible to get away with a wide curb lane...

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