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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted April 19, 2010 at 15:07:54

Incremental change is the only sensible way to go. Otherwise we may get to a critical point (when oil prices skyrocket, when the planet starts vomiting and spinning the other way (could happen...?), when every commuter does a Michael Douglas whilst stuck in in traffic...) when sudden drastic changes need to be made.

I remember the UK miners strikes of the early 80's. The Labour government of the 70's ignored the writing on the wall for the English coal industry for years. Then Thatcher came in and took the inevitable, but necessarily drastic, action. It wasn't pretty.

Balanced transportation is what we are going to get. Whether we do it the 'nice' way or the hard way, it's going to happen. We should stop fretting about job losses and make incremental changes that we can all adjust to.

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