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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted April 21, 2010 at 19:39:21

Seems to be a common topic here - one-way streets. But, understandable, given how Hamilton is cluttered with these.

In my time there, what struck me as absurd was the minor residential streets in the Aberdeen Ave. area that were (still are, no doubt) designated one-way. At least I can see the argument for one-way on the main streets - speedier traffic flow - but for the life of me, designating minor residential streets with minimal traffic flow as one-way struck me as carrying the one-way philosophy to the point of absurdity.

In general, I agree with the desirability of conversion from one-way to two-way, and accept the sort of evidence provided here. But, I still think we need to be careful before committing to conversion on the main east-west thoroughfares for LRT.

What about partial conversion? I mean, the intermittent step of allowing one-way flow for cars, buses, etc., but providing two-way flow (together with dedicated lanes) for bicyclists, skateboarders, powered wheelchairs, maybe electric bikes, in addition to pedestrian flow (of course!).

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